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If you want to study in Bogotá, you need a place to live, study, rest and relax. At HOLY HOME 42 University and professionals Residences, we offer a comfortable house with 21 private rooms designed for a long-term stay and a wide variety of amenities, to make your university life and stay in Bogotá an unforgettable experience.

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We have a variety of recreation areas for you to enjoy a pleasant stay at holy home 42.


Half block away from transmilenio

The Holy home 42 residence is located half a block from the CALLE 45 Transmilenio station on the south side on 42nd street.

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Holy Home 42

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Holy Home 42

“Holy Home 42 is an amazing residence! Very well equipped and the atmosphere make you feel like home, the owners are very cordial and attend to all your needs. Transportation is also easy and accessible and is close to the city center. Fantastic place.”

Zantharn HSM - Bogotá Colombia

“I really liked my experience during my stay at Holy Home. You really feel like home. The owners are very friendly and the atmosphere is very relaxed. Perfect for studying. The residence is close to many universities and the neighborhood is very cool! The housekeeper is very nice too. The kitchen provides enough space for cooking. The house is very clean. The only thing I didn't like so much is the fact that you have to pay extra if a visit will stay to pass the night. However, the place is highly recommended!”

Giuliana Nrd ˗ Filandia

“It’s very wide and excellent social areas, full equipped all rooms with private bathroom”

Lina Maria Garcia Salazar ˗ New York

“Excellent student residence, with all services included, good treatment and attention by management”

Enmanuel Pichardo Nuñez ˗

“Excellent!! The residence has comfortable and spacious facilities; the friendliness of the people who habit it’s unique and make you feel at home. In addition, it´s located in an area close to most universities. For me, the best residence where you can study, relax and meet very good people. ”

Pilar Naspud ˗

“I´ve been at Holy Home for 4 months and I´m very happy to have found this place. The facilities are comfortable. They treat you like if you were part of the family; they clean you room once a week. In addition, if you are looking for a place to rest or study, I highly recommend it! ”

Maria Loaiza -

“Currently I´m a resident of Holy Home 42, it’s the perfect place to rest, study and share with pleasant people who make you feel like part of the family. I like the commitment of the owners and the administration to the place, always keeping it in order and clean, enforcing the rules of coexistence in the best way to not affect the tranquility of the residents. I 100% recommend this place, it´s suitable for people who really want enjoy a home environment, where you can find people who will easily advise you in the best way. I´m very grateful to the administrator of the place since it has been a great support for me. ”

Sheila Petro Barón ˗
Our student residents

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